My life is not perfect by a long shot. My health is still an issue, although so much better and constantly improving. Money is a constant struggle and worry about the future is hard to keep at bay.

I might perhaps be a little too angry too often (ya think???) My government pisses me off big time: the solution to the world’s ills are so simple to fix, yet we spend all our money and energy destroying lives in all manner of ways and in almost every country in . . . → Read More: Thankful

Glossary: Political Economies

I diverge from my regular, cheery farm-food-freedom road to define the different political systems some of us discuss so feverishly on social media. Basically, the difference between types of political economies is the name on the title. Following are the most popular choices: Communism, Corporatism, Fascism, Free Market and Socialism.


The rights of the group supersede the rights of the individual. This explains why so many individuals are imprisoned and/or die under these systems: individuals get in the way of the group, as in, for example, . . . → Read More: Glossary: Political Economies

That’s “MR.” Buff Orpington to you.

Uh oh. Here comes the sun and my hen is crowing at it. Ooops. It’s pretty cute actually, unless you are my neighbor wanting to sleep in on a weekend… It sounds like he’s singing, “ooOOOOOoo” in a kazoo:

He’ll probably have to go to a farm. I don’t want to eat him: he’s my pet now. I have kind of a firm rule against eating pets. Some farmer, I’ll make, eh?

I’m wondering if he will try to make all the girls or just the Buff hen? . . . → Read More: That’s “MR.” Buff Orpington to you.

Breaking News: Radiation Causes Cancer!

Shocking, I know, but there it is.

Hal’s family has known this for years. His father was a 13-year survivor of lung cancer. Had a lung removed, no chemo, no radiation, went on to lead a productive life. Until, thirteen years later, he died of leukemia. Which he got from all the x-rays the doctors insisted he have to see if he had any more lung cancer!

On their website, the American Cancer Society says radiation causes cancer. Actually, unless you live in a cave, . . . → Read More: Breaking News: Radiation Causes Cancer!

UPDATE: On the Madness of Banning Raw Milk

Go here to read it. I love when there is justice in the world and I’m around to hear about it!

She Takes The Plunge

Into green smoothie world! I made my first green smoothie today and it was SO GOOD! It didn’t taste green at all. It was sweet and smooth and really good for me (so they claim).

We don’t eat enough green food in this house (unless it’s pesto sauce for the steak). And not anywhere near enough raw food. Not because we don’t like raw food, but it’s too much trouble.

That statement makes no sense, I know. But it’s the sentiment around here.

Who talked me into a green . . . → Read More: She Takes The Plunge

Ron Paul 2012 Endorsements

Rand Paul

Ken Skaggs at


Rock On, Raw Milk Freedom Riders!

Today’s the big day: Raw Milk Freedom Riding moms from across the U.S. — along with a few of our raw milk freedom fighting stars — are drinking milk on the FDA steps… right about NOW. Wish I could be there!!!

I’m in love with peaceful civil disobedience these days, even when the misbehavers are not exactly on my wave length. When legislators won’t listen, ya gotta get their attention and inform them that this ain’t going to go their way anymore. We . . . → Read More: Rock On, Raw Milk Freedom Riders!

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