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TSA Pervs Gone WILD!

I always opt out of the scanner and go for the grope. In my not-so-humble opinion, anyone who walks thru that scanner is not smart enough to parent. Hopefully, they don’t already have kids because, after a few trips, they won’t be able to parent. Small comfort. I can’t keep my mouth from hanging open while I watch parents send their kids through a machine that irradiates them and shows them naked to the pervs behind the curtain. Who’s the sicker party?

To date, I’ve been groped about 10 times and, really, nothing to write home about. The waistband . . . → Read More: TSA Pervs Gone WILD!

It Doesn’t Get Any Dirtier Than This

S510, the Monsanto GMO Protection Act, passed the Senate on Sunday night. Sunday night. They waited till a Sunday night when no one but they knew they would meet or that this would be the agenda.

“Wait,” asks little Virginia, “There was no vote. How did it pass?”

Correct, Virginia, there was not a vote. It passed by what is called Unanimous Consent. Which is actually a misnomer because there was no unanimous consent. There was unanimous keeping their mouths shut and their hands in their laps. And, hopefully, their eyes glued to the floor in shame. (I am such a . . . → Read More: It Doesn’t Get Any Dirtier Than This

Planning for 2011: The Budget

I’m doing our annual budget using the accrual method of accounting* because I like seeing the big picture. I’m a realist. Except when I’m actually writing checks in, say, a clothing store, which is when fantasy takes over. Which explains why I don’t carry a checkbook anymore. Or a credit card. We all have our tiny flaws.

First, let’s look at what we owe. Since we don’t have any car, house or fund payments, our part is easy. That leaves accounting for our household’s share of government debt, which we’ve also figured using the accrual method, meaning it includes unfunded mandates.** OK, . . . → Read More: Planning for 2011: The Budget

Fast, Efficient Way to Contact Your Legislators Re. Stopping S.510!

Go to DownsizeDC.org here. If you are a member of DownsizeDC.org, login. If you are not a member, you need to enter your address (you have to for any correspondence to Congress) and the system will automatically enter your Congress persons’ names.

Here’s my letter which you can copy and paste for ease, or edit, use freely:


Dear Chandler/McConnell/Bunning :

STOP S.510. It will crush family farms and small businesses with excessive regulations and criminal charges — even if no one gets sick! And even though they were NOT the source of ANY food safety problems in recent history.

S.510 violates the Fourth . . . → Read More: Fast, Efficient Way to Contact Your Legislators Re. Stopping S.510!

What if Monsanto were in charge of ALL our food choices?

Believe it or not, this is in danger of happening. If you and I don’t do something to stop the march, it will happen as surely as night follows day. If Monsanto is given the reins, bye bye God’s green earth, hello GMO.

Here are two things you can do right now that will turn the tide:

1. Donate $5 to the Morningland Dairy defense fund. This is the single most important battle going on today. If we lose this battle, Monsanto and its FDA will succeed in breaking down the gates to every single one of . . . → Read More: What if Monsanto were in charge of ALL our food choices?

On the Madness of Banning Raw Milk

According to the CDC, there have been “1,505 reported illnesses” including “185 hospitalizations and 2 deaths” from raw milk since 1993. I don’t mean to sound callous, but 2 deaths in 20 years? This is cause for nationwide panic?

For perspective, consider the following:

According to the CPSC, drowning in backyard pools is the 2nd leading cause of death for children under five: 350 children die annually, 2,600 are treated in E.R.s, many left with brain damage.
Merck’s Vioxx killed 27,000 people. Merck paid a relatively small amount in damages, went on to make new drugs similar . . . → Read More: On the Madness of Banning Raw Milk


“Bloom where you are planted.” Remember that? I heard it back in the late 70s, during my tortured soul searching days. Good advice, even when you’ve planted yourself in a freezing cold city where it will eventually snow and nothing else is blooming. Especially then, eh?

Honestly, I’m such a frickin’ Pollyanna, if a nuclear device exploded in my back yard, I’d find something good about it.

So here’s the silver lining du jour: we love this house.

It fits us perfectly, it’s not so big it requires a truckload of furniture (and an Early Bucket Shop decor is pretty durn cheap). . . . → Read More: Blooming.

Costa Rica: On 7,000 Marines, Legalizing Marijuana, and Forcing GMOs

Last Saturday, I was at the Freedom Rally in Frankfort, KY. Yay, freedom! One of the best things for me about being back in the states is getting to participate in the political process. I am a political junkie right now. I must like frustration and being angry, eh?

Christina Tobin was there, too. She is the founder of FreeAndEqual.org, an organization dedicated to making sure all candidates have access to the ballot so the voters know their choices for representation. She is a dynamo, a go-getter and doesn’t let ANYTHING stand in . . . → Read More: Costa Rica: On 7,000 Marines, Legalizing Marijuana, and Forcing GMOs