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Re-designing the Coop Already!

Got another egg yesterday and three so far today. One of today’s was broken because the shell was very membrane-y. I couldn’t reach it so I covered it with lots of hay — don’t want the girls getting a taste for fresh eggs!  The other two today have thin shells but ok. Thin shells are pretty standard for new layers, apparently. Our Costa Rica girls laid thick-shelled eggs from the start! Not that I’m comparing my pansy U.S. chickens to my hearty Costa Rica girls…

Now, this coop is a beautiful thing and Hal and the boys worked really . . . → Read More: Re-designing the Coop Already!

Good job, um, Eva, Ethel, Lucy or Maggie!

Yeah: we got our first Kentucky egg! I took it and then Mother Hen jumped up to the nest to look for it. I felt a little guilty except I know she will forget in about 2 seconds. (If she gets depressed, I guess I’ll know she’s the broody one!)

See how nice and high this sits up? That’s a good fresh egg! Nothing better. Except now I need more chickens…

I’m redesigning this coop, too, so don’t copy it. Many little details not quite right. For starters, it’s nowhere near big enough! I was reading yesterday . . . → Read More: Good job, um, Eva, Ethel, Lucy or Maggie!

Eva, Ethel, Lucy & Maggie: You Complete Me.

It finally happened: we got us some live chickens — YAY!!! No eggs yet but these girls are almost ready… about a month to go before they start producing incredible edible eggs.

Which will be valued at about $100 a piece. So far…

Feeding the girls organic feed ($29 for 50 lbs. Is that nuts?) Plus kefir mixed with ground flax seeds, leftovers, discounted (read “old”) veggies from the Good Foods Market. I keep this Backyard Chicken Treats chart on the side of my fridge so they get only allowed goodies!

They are so happy, I think. . . . → Read More: Eva, Ethel, Lucy & Maggie: You Complete Me.

Guess What I’m Getting:

Someday. Hopefully soon before the stores all run out of the little things this will hold.

What’s he doing below, you ask? Reading directions. He bought plans online for my new farmer toy. Bet he changes the design before it’s complete…

But who cares what it looks like, really? If it will house my new little friends, . . . → Read More: Guess What I’m Getting:

Series: Grow Your Own Food #1

This is a topic I am passionate about lately. I can’t wait to start growing my own food!!! We are within city limits on a lot about 70 x 125. We don’t own it so anything we build must be portable as possible. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. Definitely doing greenhouses so we can grow in the winter.

I’m not growing my own chickens to eat, by the way. At least not yet. I know that’s what it looks like from the photos. I’m actually talking about growing plants to eat, but, since I’ve never grown food, . . . → Read More: Series: Grow Your Own Food #1