My GMO rant. For today…

This rant came from John Kemper’s Facebook thread. John is running for KY Auditor — he has my vote!!! He was talking about seeing corn fields for miles and miles in KY where there used to be horse farms. I’ve been meaning to blog on the topic but haven’t yet… nothing like a Sunday morning rant to get the blood moving, eh? If anyone has corrections or more information, please share in the comments!!! Learning and sharing about GMOs is a passion. I have just scratched the surface of my learning.

GMO = Genetically Modified Organism. Click here for the basics.

I’d like to talk to Jamie Comer — he’s running for KY Agriculture Commissioner — about GMOs, see what he knows. He wants to expand KY’s bio-fuel program… no, no, no! KY needs FOOD farmers!!!

Anyway, on the miles and miles of corn: “Food or fuel?” John Kemper asked. I replied:

The corn you see for miles is GMO corn: it ain’t corn and it’s poison as food — read up on that @

The marketing of “grain-fed cows make great steaks” and “vegetarian chickens produce great eggs/meat” is a Monsanto ploy to train us to ask for these products. Monsanto makes the seed that makes the feed: soy, corn, cottonseed and canola. It also makes GMO beets and oats in other countries where there are no restrictions on GMO products and ships those products here to make our poisonous feed.

Tragically, GMO beets and alfalfa and something else were just approved by the USDA to be grown in the US. There are organic farmers working to stop this but it’s uphill all the way because…

Factoid: the USDA co-owns the patent to the terminator seed. How about them apples? Explains why the USDA has no problem with GMOs.

If GMO alfalfa is allowed to be grown, there will be no non-GMO wheat in the world in a few years. The USDA knows this, but — surprise — have no problem with it.

Meanwhile, there have been NO studies on the health effects of GMO foods on human beings. We are human test-tubes in the name of profits for Monsanto and the USDA.

Cows are not made to eat grain. They are made to eat grass. They do not digest the grain. Chickens are not vegetarian and any store that tries to sell you on that idea doesn’t know their product. What else are they wrong about? A “100% Vegetarian Diet” means the chickens are kept away from grass where the bugs live and are only allowed to eat GMO feed!

At my local Fresh Market, they had this sign hanging up outside. I went in and marched right back to the “butcher” counter. I asked the young man there if he knew that chickens are actually not vegetarian? He said he did know that and kinda chuckled. I said, “The sign makes it look like you don’t know that.”

He smiled sheepishly and said, “Yeah, it’s some kind of marketing thing.” The sign was not there the next time I drove by. Small victory! Now, if we can get the word out that an “all natural chicken” would be one that truly lived free range (don’t fall for the “cage free” scam), ate grass, bugs and some organic-non-GMO feed, THAT would be huge victory!

If your sugar does not say “cane” on the package, it’s sugar made from GMO sugar beets. Ugh.

GMO foods are banned in many other countries. French winemakers recently burned the fields where Monsanto had planted GMO wine grapes. The GMO cotton seed is blamed for thousands of Indian cotton farmers committing suicide: the seed from the GMO-cotton plant is not usable! You have to buy new (expensive) seed every year. The farmers were going broke and losing their family farms. Search those topics and read up on it.

GMO seed infects non-GMO fields. If a farmer nearby grows non-GMO, the GMO will take over…Here’s a farmer who won a lawsuit against Monsanto: He’s the only one so far.

Factoid: Monsanto also makes the hormones and antibiotics given to cows. You are getting plenty of that, too.

We eat (as much as possible) only pastured meats not given hormones or antibiotics. We own chickens, and are feeding them organic feed… Can’t wait for those eggs!

For your information storehouse: here’s the first of 10 parts of The World According to Monsanto. This documentary had to be made in another country. Also watch Supermarket Secrets and The Future of Food. Lots of good information and other documentaries on this topic.

Only eat organic corn: if it doesn’t say organic right on the label, it’s GMO. Notice that GMO corn is in almost EVERY processed food. We don’t eat any of that, either.

The USDA has a push on to make GMO eligible for the organic label. There’s a travesty.

OH: and don’t drink Alltech beer (a KY company). I suspect from all my reading and research that Alltech is a GMO algae company. I’m going with that until it’s proven otherwise.

When you go to a restaurant or a grocery store, ask if they have grass-fed meats, dairy and eggs. They will say no, but it’s an education. At least the questions will get them thinking! If they start to think there’s a profit in serving/selling REAL food, you know they will jump on that bandwagon! Get them to follow the money, heheheh.

Please educate your friends and families. Thank you.

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