It’s Official

Most of you know I’m a Ron Paul rEVOLutionary, a LiberTea Partier,* an agorist and free-market capitalist, a 100% anti-war anti-rioting peacenik. Certainly, I would man-up to defend our borders, but this interventionist war-for-oil crap is utterly without merit. As is our continued nationalized murder of overseas innocents in the name of preventing an attack on our soil. Pre-war war. It is by definition insanity.

It’s also killing US. It has already robbed our children’s financial futures. I am 100% certain the MIC is about to precipitate TEOTWAKI** unless we the people intervene. Peacefully, of course.

The U.S. is so broke, we are actually bankrupt, just not fessing up. Living on borrowed money is not the path to prosperity in anyone’s book. Unless you are an ignorant (as in the literal definition: uneducated), profiteering (ditto: taking unfair advantage) Congresspeep. Or the lender, which in our case, is China. The privately held Federal Reserve is our middle man, making money on both ends of the deal. Sweet. But I digress.

Unemployment is rising, not falling. The dollar is losing value, hyper-inflation just around the corner. I think we need to prepare for some difficult periods in the next couple of years. Job numero uno (besides your basic survivalist trappings): spread the news that violence and rioting accomplish nothing, as has been abundantly demonstrated by rioters in other countries. Angry people–even smart angry people–do desperate things.

Controversial Observation #1

The people who are angriest are those dependent on government largesse. Overseas, the rioters were public beneficiaries demanding school loan money or government checks. In the U.S., tensions let loose at all those town hall meetings beginning with the seniors fearful of losing social security money. Next in line were teachers in Wisconsin, then teachers in other cities. As the government approaches literal insolvency, government workers who stop getting paychecks are first in line to be angry with their employer.

A THOUGHT: if you were working for a boss who was clearly broke, wouldn’t you at least CONSIDER looking for another job? I would. Uh huh, those benefits and pensions are “guaranteed,” but can anyone here get blood from a stone?

Those of us in the private sector may get our turn burning buildings if trickle down affects our incomes. That remains to be seen. So far, rioting has been largely perpetrated by government employees turning on their employer.

Nevertheless, with over 50% of U.S. workers employed by the state, riots and violence here may be inevitable unless we bring our economy under control. This requires that…

Controversial Observation #2

…we stop spending. The most obvious thing to do is end the wars. Now. Today. Bring our troops home. All of them.

Apparently, this is a pretty outrageous idea to even suggest. [CHUCKLE, LILY-TOMLIN-SNORT-SNORT] There is no one in power with the will to do this save for 2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Both of whom are being completely ignored by their respective parties.

Not one of the other candidates and very few Congresspeeps want to end the wars or cut spending in any meaningful way. Not one. Seems hard to believe, but these are clearly facts. In the words of my teenagers, “Whaddup?”

“MIC is whaddup,” I reply. Anywho.

Being outside the mainstream, I end up on all the wacko mailing lists. Which brings me to my Official Point: I am so sick of being scared by every broadcaster, youtuber, newsletter, radio blabbermouth, blogger and tv host, I could seriously scream. Heck, I don’t even watch FOX anymore! (CNN and MSNBC play on the far other end of the field, in complete denial, lying about everything else, which is just as annoying.)

I do my share of sharing fear, no question. And we need to be prepared for hard times, no question in my mind about that, either. But I watch my chickens running around in my yard. They are all scared of something: of each other, of birds that don’t look like them, of a leaf falling to the ground, a big nut falling down. They jump and squawk and flap and run. The old white chicks run to me, the new chicks-of-color run away because they don’t recognize me as the bearer of all good (food) yet. They are all afraid of stuff and don’t quite know why.

Well, we humans are like that: running around, jerking, squawking, reacting to news. I am sick to death of being manipulated by fear, even well-intentioned let-me-save-your-ass fear-mongering spread by “liberty” folks. I’m looking to be liberated from fear.

This was my gripe with the Hurricane Irene reporting: the weather people were all scrambling to outdo each other with Big Scary Words. More emphasis was put on “make sure you are good and terrified, then beg for federal help” than on sound preparation.

Ron Paul does not use fear. He uses facts. I ♥ that. He spreads hope. He is ENcouraging. He expects us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, to participate in the cure. I ♥ that, too. I’m going to rise to his expectations, rather than run around like a backyard chicken.

From now on, I’m officially done with fear. Not like before, right after I came out of the hospital and was so terrified of having to EVER go back, I woulda said anything. I mean officially done with it. If anyone uses scare tactics and dramatization to sell a site or more propaganda, I’m not buying. I’m scared enough, thank you very much. Your work is done.

From now on, I’m all about facts and preparation. That’s enough on a plate! If I engage in any superfluous fear-mongering, smack me.

*The LiberTea Party is the original Ron Paul Tea Party group: not neo/teo-con, but “liberty”-con, if you must. The LiberTea Party is about peace, prosperity, sound money, a restoration of civil liberties, a non-interventionist foreign policy.

**TEOTWAWKI: The end of the world as we know it. That’s not scary, right?

8 comments to It’s Official

  • Jean

    Just wanted to say how happy I am that a friend (Ginnee) sent you to me! I like your clear reclaiming of the original Ron Paul Libertea! I’m living in Costa Rica, looking hard for land and planting and saving seeds… Thanks for being here!

  • Jorge

    Hi Sally,

    Glad to hear that you are done with fear and focusing on preparation. Always better to be prepared and not need it than the opposite.

    We think about you often.

    Stay well.

    • Hey, Jorge, thanks! I think about you all, too — I can picture your urban farm in my head. Nice pictures! Yes, preparations, poco a poco. I’m going to enjoy this. Dammit.

  • robin

    Yeppers we don’t watch the news – even when we had tv service – and Jer used to read the wsj a bit but doesns’t even do that now {he’s our financial planner and all}. We participate as little as we have to in gov’t things, including taxes… and we have our own finances under control should the bottom completely fall out. Now, to get the emergency supplies together and I think we’ll be set. Good to have in tornado country anyway. :)

  • Annie

    So glad I stumbled across your blog. As I read the posts (Merlin style) I see that we are kindred spirits. Love your subjects, love your humor. And we are completely aligned politically. Looking forward to more…

  • Labelle

    I very much prefer the “be prepared” mindset over freaking out about the mess we are in. Preparing oneself for a more self sufficient lifestyle automatically helps to dispel those fears anyways. And if by some grace the sky actually doesn’t fall, we’ll be better off for having found the knowledge we never should have forgotten.

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