Guess What I’m Getting:

Someday. Hopefully soon before the stores all run out of the little things this will hold.

What’s he doing below, you ask? Reading directions. He bought plans online for my new farmer toy. Bet he changes the design before it’s complete…

But who cares what it looks like, really? If it will house my new little friends, I’m happy!!!


2 comments to Guess What I’m Getting:

  • Robin

    Oh how fun!!! I was going to get some too but… one of our boys keeps running the underground fence so I fear for their safety if we were to get them now. {Paco is currently tethered and the girls would be inclosed in something at all times but still…}. Can’t wait to see pics!!!

  • The floor will be mesh: big mesh under the run part so they can still get to the grass and either tiny mesh or plywood floor for the coop end so they are safe at night from snake predators… there’ll be no diggin’ for my egg-makers!!!

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