Good job, um, Eva, Ethel, Lucy or Maggie!

Yeah: we got our first Kentucky egg! I took it and then Mother Hen jumped up to the nest to look for it. I felt a little guilty except I know she will forget in about 2 seconds. (If she gets depressed, I guess I’ll know she’s the broody one!)

See how nice and high this sits up? That’s a good fresh egg! Nothing better. Except now I need more chickens…

I’m redesigning this coop, too, so don’t copy it. Many little details not quite right. For starters, it’s nowhere near big enough! I was reading yesterday that even cage-free chickens will peck when confined. One of the hens is kind of a bully to the others and is always marching up and down by the fence looking to escape. She wants to roam. I don’t blame her! After all, our three brown hens in Costa Rica were all over that big 100 x 100 lot all day… how can four chickens make do with a 30′ run?

Working on that… I’ll keep you posted. Gotta go eat my egg!!!

2 comments to Good job, um, Eva, Ethel, Lucy or Maggie!

  • Well done, Eva/Ethel/Lucy/Maggie!

    I know what you mean about more chickens though — we eat so many eggs we’d need a LOT of chickies. Luckily for the moment our housekeeper has a large flock and we get lots of eggs. Actually glad to hear about tweaks to the chicken coop — I know it was a good start, but the run *seemed* a little small. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

    Fun to keep up with your activities up there. Seems like more and more folks leaving here, so you’re certainly not alone in your “re-settling” to the U.S. Happy 4th!

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