Eva, Ethel, Lucy & Maggie: You Complete Me.

It finally happened: we got us some live chickens — YAY!!! No eggs yet but these girls are almost ready… about a month to go before they start producing incredible edible eggs.

Which will be valued at about $100 a piece. So far…

Feeding the girls organic feed ($29 for 50 lbs. Is that nuts?) Plus kefir mixed with ground flax seeds, leftovers, discounted (read “old”) veggies from the Good Foods Market. I keep this Backyard Chicken Treats chart on the side of my fridge so they get only allowed goodies!

They are so happy, I think. We are so happy, no question. Not only for fresh eggs, but for the independence of growing our own food. We need a couple more chickens… I’d like a couple more acres, too!

And because the girls bring a little Costa Rica to our backyard. We miss Costa Rica like crazy sometimes… the energy there is very different from here. Free-er. No chemtrails over the countryside. Few prisons. Way less meddling. Definitely a live and let live attitude. We miss that!!!

The girls have names, we just don’t know who’s who yet. Here’s a little introduction video. You tell me: who’s who?

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